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I’ve learned that attention is extremely important. If something shows up three times, pay attention to it. I would later learn this again from Lacy. First, a friend mentioned Lacy’s name to me about a year ago. Second, I found my way to her beautiful website, Free + Native. And third, on a whim, without even thinking, I checked to see if she had any in-person manifestation sessions open, even though I live in New York and she’s based in Los Angeles. It turned out she had one available appointment during a stay in New York this past winter. I immediately signed up, met her and her dog, Barley, and felt at home. Lacy’s gorgeous lifestyle website and powerful manifestation philosophy are important and inspirational resources and she herself has been a powerful force in encouraging me to allow myself to be seen via unveiling Plain Alchemy. Lacy graciously agreed to be the site’s first feature. I so appreciate her presence, which is simultaneously effervescent and grounding. Here, Lacy reflects on her fascination with neuroplasticity, her chi-moving practices, and manifestation as art form.


Lace. Though my fiancé calls me Panda (long story).


I grew up on a ranch in a small town outside of Yosemite called Cathey’s Valley, which I try to get up to as often as possible. Literally packing now to head there tomorrow. It’s the real deal cattle ranch. My dad’s a roper. The whole nine.

I currently live in Echo Park, Los Angeles with my fiancé and rescue dog Barley.


I’m an Aquarius, so this is my favorite and most comfortable realm. I’m constantly simmering on the mind and its power over us – especially in my work. I’m a huge neuroplacticity geek, so I’m always researching the new studies being published. They can actually monitor how someone’s mind changes after receiving a meaningful apology. I mean, that really says so much about where the collective consciousness is headed.

My mind practices vary. But the main quieting practice that I love and implement daily is Vedic meditation. It’s so imperative for an air sign like me, and my nervous system. Neurosculpting is a practice I incorporate in my personal work often, as I find it to be quite profound. And I’m currently reading Self-Care for the Self-Aware.


Well, I’m in the process of prepping for something secret and special, so I have a lot going on in the body realm at the moment. I’ve switched to a complete autoimmune, gut healing protocol outlined in The Paleo Approach, and I just began a ten series of Rolfing. Another modality I’ve tried recently is TRE. I’m very interested in trauma and its capacity to stay in the body. It’s a subject of study for me at the moment.

Otherwise, in way of fitness, I work out six days a week and alternate between HIIT and cardio. It’s been super important for me to stretch the body a lot lately too, for I can feel stuck energy that needs to move. It’s all become a very intuitive process. I do whatever I feel I need to burn off extra stress and move the chi around.


Wow, I almost feel this question is too vast for me to answer. Do you have all day? Without art, I’m uninspired. Without inspiration, I’m dying inside, and I find art in everything. My favorite artists are definitely Alberts, Kelly, Baldasarri, Martin, Smit…The simplicity of the Modern and Post-Modern movement are really what speaks to me, for I’m such a sucker for expression through simplistic shapes, color, geometry, and bold statements.

I was a pre-school teacher at an art school for a year, and I couldn’t help but taking home tons of my students’ art because it was so much freer and cooler than what I was seeing in shows at the time.

Nonetheless, I really do feel that everything is an art form. When I travel, it’s in the name of textiles and ceramics. When I listen to music, it’s usually something cultural from the 60’s or 70’s.

And when I work with people’s energy in my Manifestation practice, I find what I do to be an art form in itself, because I can so quickly see exactly what is energetically blocking them, how to rearrange it, and then attract in what they want.

A new art form that I’m most intrigued by is the heart expanding form of speaking boundaries, being vulnerably honest when people cross them, and sitting in the discomfort and aftermath. Just being. Breaking that open and strengthening it every time is such an understated art form in itself.

(Image: Brian Overend @brianoverend)


  • Lacy is a visionary. Adore her and love her work!

  • Beautiful Lacy you are such an inspiration ! Love you .

    Dominique Alexandre

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