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I am so psyched to feature Sima Morrison, a magical being and founder of House of Citrine. I've only corresponded with Sima a handful of times. However, I feel like I've known her for much longer because of her open-hearted, candid, welcoming energy. She has generously offered us some of her mind-body-art rituals, including some kitchen alchemy and a stellar tonic recipe. Below, find her morning ritual, her Qigong practice (learned from YouTube, which I love) and what she's looking forward to in August. It's cosmic.




Sima Morrison “PG”




Oak Park, a small bubble 35 minutes north of Los Angeles.  Current town, Venice, California.




Currently nose deep in the Medical Medium Anthony Williams healing protocol. I’ve read his books 3 times already and each time I get a different download.  Anthony really gave me a different perspective on life. I am forever grateful for his efforts. I have a deep fascination with plants right now. The more I spend time in nature, the more my intuition is clear. I have been doing a lot more trips to the desert, the ocean and lush mountain hikes. For me, meditation isn’t closing my eyes and sitting and trying to keep calm in a yogi pose.  For me, meditation is being at peace, in nature, listening to my breath, just being present. Our modern world has so many distractions especially living in a city, having alone time and mental peace is what helps me move through energy. I’m always changing and allowing myself to be open to all shifts, especially with the rapid movement of the earth and the potent cycles of the moon.




I wake up every morning to a warm cup of lemon water, followed by a fresh pot of ginger, rosemary, thyme, and mint tea accompanied by a heaping spoon of raw honey. I try to go on my Rebounder 3 times a day especially in the morning to move my lymphatic system even its for a few minutes. I don’t eat meal for breakfast, instead I make myself a hearty tonic filled with mushrooms and herbs.


Breakfast Tonic

2oz. macadamia nut milk

4 oz. heavily steeped overnight chaga tea

1.5tsp cacao powder

1tsp tocos

1tsp reishi

1tsp astragalus

1tsp ashwaganda

1tbs neocell collagen

1tsp pine pollen

1tbs raw honey

pinch of celtic sea salt


I work from home so I have the flexibility to take breaks in the comfort of my home so I picked up a new practice; I do Qigong (I learned from YouTube). I have noticed that Qigong has helped me stay balanced, focused and grounded. If I’m lucky I get to go on my bi-weekly hikes at Los Leones trail and if not, I’m totally fine going to my gym to do 30 minute jog and 20 min walk. I eat whatever my body tells me to eat.  Luckily, I have tapped into a deeper side of my brain.  I don’t eat emotionally. I eat organic, local produce. salads, soups, vegetables are my main courses. I have a 80/20 rule. I do eat lamb, bison, and venison when my body is craving more blood, in that case the protein HAS TO be grass-fed, sustainable and ethical.  I stick to a grain-free diet, so we do a lot of yams and potatoes and cauliflower rice. I have been doing a lot of baking with cassava flour lately; I enjoy getting creative with my recipes. I have been adding my Iranian roots in the baking, which consist of cardamom, pistachio, saffron and rose.




is so expressive in any way one feels to express their energy in a creative stance. For me I express my creativity through making food. The magic happens while I’m making my tonics, elixirs, a dish or just tea. The energy I express into food can be felt by others eating or drinking what I created. This is one way I release my energy.


The art that really blows my mind is mother nature. The intense ocean, the blue skies, the marshmallow clouds, the bountiful trees, ripened flowers and roses, uplifting mountains, and the vast deserts, all of this it is our home.


I’m fascinated by the cosmos, an area we has humans haven’t tapped in to its entirety. I’m really looking forward to the eclipse in August. We are all connected, and the stars aligned for each of us - our destiny is present at all times.

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  • Sima IS an inspiration and beautiful human being:). Thankful for her influence in this world! And thank you Plain Alchemy for featuring her down to earth, conscious, and easy going views on living. A positive reminder for us all on how to stay balanced and be present with what is really important in life. Yay! Blessings!

    Amber Navarrette

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