Solstice Brain

The longest day of the year - the one with the most sunlit hours - is upon us. I’ve been thinking a lot about ritual and its connection to patterns of thought. The way we see ourselves, others, and the world is deeply rooted in what rituals we ascribe to. We have to do the work of assigning meaning and depth to the ritual practices - or they are in danger of becoming empty time-fillers.


Our entire systems — our circadian rhythms — are linked — yes — to the sun. To light. And so, we are a bit supercharged at this moment of the year. It’s a good time ritualize around. And to think about what you’ve been up to since the winter solstice in December — and to think about where you’d like to go between now - the longest day of the year - and the coming winter solstice - the shortest day.


Midsummer vibes.


Yang (masculine) energy is at its peak right now.


Qualities of yang:


Sunny / Dry / Noisy / Light / Bright / Vivid / Colorful / Active / Organization


Solstice is an awesome time to harness that energy. This might mean making lists of intentions/goals.


After solstice, the days begin to get slowly-steadily shorter. And so, between now and late December, we experience a yin (dark, heavy, feminine) energy which is great for incubation of new ideas. So, now is a powerful time to start thinking about, writing down, meditating on what it is you’d like to grow between now and the other solstice.


Some questions and thoughts for the above energetic exercise:


How do I want to spend my time?

What is important to me?

Visualize my best self.

Where am I now? What have I accomplished since December?

What do I want to prioritize between now and the winter solstice?

What do I want to learn?


And also, in order to harness the fire of the yang solstice energy that is at our service:


What do I want to get rid of? What is not serving me? How do I want to use this energy to burn through / get done / get to the other side of?


Happy Solstice my loves!

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