The Alchemy of Streamlining: Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia

I am thrilled to feature Chloe Smith. Chloe is one half of the sister duo that makes up the incredible band / way of life / platform / energy outlet called Rising Appalachia. I first discovered Leah and Chloe about ten years ago while working at a coffee shop in Pennsylvania. They came through town and played at the shop — on my very first night working there, no less. I was totally mesmerized by their music — which often puts new spins and sounds onto old Appalachian tunes. I was also taken aback by their gorgeous energies which were so self-possessed, confident, and magnetic. I’ve been a huge fan ever since. If you haven’t listened to their music, please do. I had the pleasure of seeing them play once more at a small venue in New Orleans years later. They are constantly growing and expanding their practices, travel, and connections. They’ve coined something called “The Slow Music Movement” which focuses on sustainable touring practices and contributions and outreach on-the-road. I’m so happy that Chloe took the time to share her mind-body-art practices while the band tours Europe.




Chloe  (nicknames… Chloe Anne, Chlo-Bo, Bo, Sito)








Mind = very poetic at the moment. Trying hard to stay aware of current events and news but mostly finding myself leaning towards the ethereal and abstract. The levity and the light.  This world is heavy and we are called to be aware of the entire worlds pain and struggle, not to mention our own.  Its a newer phenomenon to be exposed to so much.  Always, the work is to strike balance… which is not an end point… but instead is a constant action.


Right now, I am slurping up haikus, stream of consciousness, prose, and textured song writing from everyone.  Deeply in love with all things Nayyirah Waheed, Warsan Shire, and Hafiz.  Listening to the Wood Brothers and Midnite.  Kundalini meditations and long long long walks in the woods to clear out the fuzz. Deep time with my quiet mind.  Sweats. 


Still, of all the rituals and practices… there is nothing like the clearing that singing does to the body and mind.  Im working on lots of new material as well and just finding joy in singing with my loved ones around the table.   Its incredible how much clutter it clears from the body as well.  I give great thanks that it is my work and libation to this world. 




I have so much plant-love and herbal self care for different time of the year/mental states/physical states.  Since the election, it been a lot of hawthore and rose ingesting.  Of course, when on the road… we take deep care of our livers and dose up on adaptogens and restful sleep teas and tinctures.  Yoga of course.  Leah and I, once again, are big time walkers as that was passed to us from our family.  After dinner we would always go on neighborhood walks with our family… so with all our time spent in transportation now… there is nothing like getting out onto the land and walking and stretching out the limbs and legs.  Our signature tour drink is Guayaki Yerba Mate and Nettle mixed up in a french press and made into a mate late to jump start the afternoon.  We do our best to cook for ourselves as well, and if we cant do that, we do our research to eat locally first… then organically. 




What a question! Like the lovely miss Ani Difranco says… “art is why I get up in the morning”.  It's the deeper pull to expression and connection with self and community. Its all the layers of beauty stacked up in an offering.  Its song and clay and foot work and design. Its the perfectly aligned colors and textures that nature creates even when we are not looking.


Right now, I am interested in poetry and work-smithing as well as metal work and silver-smithing. I’m a Smith, so perhaps its in my DNA ;)  Trying to learn to edit my words down to less is more… extract the unnecessary and let the real real simple come through. So much in our time is over done and over stimulating, I sense a great need and draw towards the alchemy of streamlining.   


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