Thursday Body: Chakras Decoded, Adaptogens, Anti-Inflammatories, and Water

This is the most concrete and immediately understandable explanation of the chakras I’ve encountered:

The interface between our material world and the Luminous Energy Field is the chakras. In a sense, these spinning vortexes of energy can be thought of as sitting on top of the equals sign in Einstein’s E = MC2. The chakras employ energy to organize the physical matter of the body to create illness or health and to shape the world immediately around us. Through the chakras we are able to cross over from the world of matter into the sphere of energy. from Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Got this exciting package in the mail from Moondeli. Psyched to try them all. Just had this Mushroom Adaptogen and it’s delicious.

If you are new to their magical powers, here’s Adaptogens 101 from mindbodygreen.

And another nugget of mushroom wisdom from The Numinous.

Thinking a lot lately about anti-inflammatory foods. My favorites at the moment:

1. Strength of the Hills Apple Cider Vinegar — it tastes AMAZING and comes in a stellar bottle. Made in Vermont.

2. BLUEBERRIES. They're on the shelves again.

3. E3 Live + all things algae.

4. The Detoxifier — my current favorite juice.

And finally, I’m incredibly excited for a quiet weekend at my most favorite and homey beach — a lovely place at the Jersey Shore. Why we are meant to be near water.


LOVE from Thursday

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