Women With Superpowers: Tasya van Ree + Nitsa Citrine

Artists Tasya van Ree and Nitsa Citrine are, in short, forces. They are the power behind the gorgeous project Women With Superpowers (a celebration of the feminine as artist, activist, and healer). The Instagram feed speaks for itself. Through the sharp eyes of Citrine and van Ree, women artists, activists, and healers are revealed to us anew. The project itself embodies the qualities that it celebrates. The planet needs more of what they're working on: Women coming together to project the power of other women -- shining some light on women pursuing their passions. I'm a huge fan of Tasya and Nitsa. They are gorgeous proof that seriously magical things happen when women see each other and work together. I'm honored to feature them. Here, they muse on their mind - body - art practices.



Tasya: Tasya van Ree


Nitsa: Nitsa Citrine. My parents call me “Chou Chou” which is little cabbage in French … and a few close friends call me “Nits”




T: Mililani, HAWAII / Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA


N: Born in Big Sur, currently based in Los Angeles.




T: MIND SPIRIT: I am always in mind expansion mode. As an Artist, I find it necessary to live in the memories and moments of past, present and future. Redefining my own intelligence and its relationship with my surroundings consistently. Dissecting depth and sometimes living in the space between it all, where meaning and inspiration exists, where all of the sweetness and beauty resides.


N: open, positive, focused, and grounded in a state of gratitude. Currently reading Alejandro Jodorowsky’s  El Topo: A Book of the Film - which is fantastic!




T: BODY SPIRIT: Movement and stillness. Both extremely important. Understanding the rhythm between both worlds while paying close attention to the internal and external workings moment to moment. I try to keep a clear path through subtle stimulation of the physical prism and my energetic system. It’s all a conscious/unconscious effort to remain present. Such a beautiful time to be alive.


N: light exercise, long baths, conscious breath,  high vibe foods + creating the time and space for life’s simple pleasures.




T: ART SPIRIT: It is a clever game I play with the Universe. A sort of never-ending riddle that I am a part of and inventively try to solve. A communicative exchange of intellect and ancient wisdom that conspires into a great alignment with my heart and filters out into a profound piece of visionary self-truth. I love the concept of art. What identities and hidden light it reveals. The freedom it invokes. The precision of healing and power it can ignite. One of the many miracles of life!


N: form and formless expressions of love, beauty and truth… Art makes me feel excited to be human!

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